This course appealed to me because of the link with the Marshall Company which gave added benefit. The course has shown me how important safety and quality are for the sector and it has given me more understanding of civil industry and military requirements.

Kevul Patel, participant in Foundation Degree in Aerospace Engineering (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

I did my A Levels at sixth form but I didn’t know much about engineering opportunities. It was great studying at a company which is well known in the industry for training and aircraft engineering. I enjoyed being in small classes and having access to industry on site. I was offered a summer work placement following the final year top up with Marshall which went really well and then I was offered a graduate position.

Anna Davanzo, participant in Foundation Degree in Aerospace Engineering (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

I am planning to become a B2 Licensed Aircraft Engineering one day and, felt this was a fantastic way to develop my skills. I liked the Foundation degree option because of its links to Marshall which is known for its high standards of training. As the B2 Licence is specialised in avionics, I wanted to get more in depth electronics knowledge and learn from the industry viewpoint that the instructors here have. In the first year of the Foundation Degree, we studied the basic fundamentals required and for year two I am now doing four modules: Aircraft Mechanical Systems; Aircraft Electronic and Avionic Systems; Aircraft Propulsion and Performance; and Management in the MRO industry. We also do a two-week practical project in January in one of the company’s engine bay at Cambridge Airport to develop our practical skills. We are set an industry task and as a group we have to identify our roles and allocate the different maintenance tasks according to our skills, just like in a real maintenance environment. I would really recommend the Foundation degree route to people looking to get into aircraft maintenance. You have much greater engagement with the instructors who really help ‘craft’ you into the engineer you want to be. It also helps having the link to a company; the instructors have specific experience and knowledge of aircraft systems as well as knowing how to help you make contact with industry for future jobs and can give you tailored advice for your chosen career path.

Charles Moorey, participant in Foundation Degree in Aerospace Engineering (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

The Foundation Degree in Aerospace Engineering (MRO) delivered at Marshall Aerospace is an innovative programme that offers students the opportunity to learn in an industrially based setting from staff that have many years of industry experience. The supportive environment has enabled students with modest entry qualifications to successfully complete an honours degree and employment in the aerospace industry. Our experience of students that have progressed from the Foundation Degree at Marshall to the final year top up at Kingston is that they perform as well or better than their peers from other partner colleges and those that have studied their course entirely at the university.

Dr Peter Barrington, participant in Foundation Degree in Aerospace Engineering (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

The Greater Peterborough UTC is set to open in September 2016 with Engineering as one of its specialisms. Our work with Marshall as an industry partner has helped shape the curriculum, particularly through systems, automation and control for post 16 engineering students. Their presence at many of our publicity and recruitment events has also been valuable in as much as they add relevance and a clear view of possible progression for students considering an application. The use of Marshall’s extensive education and training facilities also adds a unique dimension to our offer as an establishing UTC.

Alan McMurdo, participant in Education