EASA Training Courses

AeroAcademy is an EASA Part-147 approved training organisation, providing a wide range of training including Aircraft Type courses, Familiarisation courses, Part-145 courses, system or modification specific courses and Part-66 study materials.

We are an integral part of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group whilst serving the wider aviation industry; a diverse range of Civil aircraft operators and owners, Military operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Airlines, other training companies and individuals.

Part 145

AeroAcademy is the sole Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group training provider and the operator of the highly successful, Aeropeople on-line training website, complementing the current classroom training.

By selecting the part 145 training link on this site you will seamlessly transfer to Aeropeople training website where you can still benefit from a comprehensive list of competitively priced courses, whilst still qualifying for the discounts and benefits awarded for working through Aeropeople.

Regulatory Training delivered on line or classroom based is currently available for:

  • Human Factors in accordance with EASA 145.A.30(e)
  • Fuel Tank Safety in accordance with EASA ED 2009/007/R and SFAR88
  • EWIS in accordance with EASA AMC 20 – 22
  • Independent Inspections
  • Foreign Object Damage/Debris
  • EASA Part -145
  • EASA Part-M
  • EASA Part – 21
  • EASA Form 1, FAA 8130
  • Airfield Driving
  • Aircraft de-ice/anti-ice (Theory)
  • Dangerous Goods (Loaders)

We can also develop and provide bespoke training packages to suit your specific requirements. Contact us for further information on how we can assist in your training project.

Whether you are an individual or a company looking for single or multiple courses please contact the team to hear about our latest discounts, information on our expanding portfolio of courses or by following this link, the available work opportunities through Aeropeople.

Part 147

  • Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) – B1/B2 theory and practical
  • Airbus A319/A320/A321 (V2500) – B1/B2 theory and practical
  • Airbus A330 (RR RB 211 Trent 700) – B1/B2 theory and practical
  • Airbus A330 (GE CF6) – B1/B2 theory and practical
  • Airbus A320 (CFM56/V2500) differences to A330 (Trent 700/GE CF6) – B1/B2 theory and practical
  • Lockheed L100/382 (T56/501) – B1/B2 theory and practical
  • Boeing B737 NG CFM-56 – B1 theory and practical


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This course appealed to me because of the link with the Marshall Company which gave added benefit. The course has shown me how important safety and quality are for the sector and it has given me more understanding of civil industry and military requirements.
Kevul Patel, - Foundation Degree in Aerospace Engineering (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)