Military Training Courses

A long history of supporting a variety of military aircraft types ensures that AeroAcademy can provide tailored solutions to meet your training needs. From whole platforms to systems training we already train and support personnel from many different countries in predominantly Transport Aircraft.

We have supported the Royal Air Force, the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the Austrian Defence Force and the Danish Air Force amongst others.

We can provide;

  • C-130 Aircraft Type Courses to the levels identified in Part-147 that are not on the aircraft civil register
  • Structural Repair Manual courses
  • Military Part-145 training
  • Airfield Safety
  • Human Factors
  • EWIS
  • FTS
  • Hand skills and various systems courses


The use of Marshall’s extensive education and training facilities also adds a unique dimension to our offer as an establishing UTC.
Alan McMurdo, Principal Designate GPUTC - Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Can courses be run at my own location?

Yes, almost anywhere in the world in line with export agreements.

Will I be able to teach the course myself after you teach it?

We design and deliver courses with various options relating to intellectual property rights, please call us and we can discuss your needs.

We can provide train the trainer courses for your instructors if you have a large amount of personnel to train.