News | 6th March 2017

National Apprenticeship Week 6 – 10 March 2017

National Apprenticeship Week

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The 10th National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2017) will bring together employers and apprentices from across England to celebrate the success of apprenticeships over the last decade and will seek to encourage even more people to choose apprenticeships as a fast-track to a great career.

Currently, AeroAcademy are in the process of recruiting apprentices for September 2017 and are holding applicant assessment days which include aptitude tests, dexterity tests, and group work to assess hopeful applicants looking to get an apprenticeship with Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group.

A couple of weeks ago, a Financial Workshop was held for our first year apprentices and the first year apprentices for AIM Altitude. This was run by Barclays Money Skills ( is a national programme that helps young people to develop and improve their financial skills, knowledge and confidence. The programme tackles topics such as budgeting, saving, spending and debt; and gives practical guidance on what to do when something goes wrong. Apprentices found out what type of  spender they were and received advice on making the most of their income and how to build savings.

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National Apprenticeship Week , Barclays Money Skills, Group Work


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Barclays Money Skills Workshop


As part of national Apprenticeship week, AeroAcademy will be hosting a meeting for the Local Apprenticeship Ambassador Network at Green House Farm which will include Form the Future. The meeting is designed for a network of employers to learn about what they offer and to get further information from the other speakers and existing apprentice employers attending the event.

Further activities will be held throughout the week.