News | 13th March 2017

National Apprenticeship Week – Engineering Director, back to the floor

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, Mark Johnston, Engineering Director, went ‘back to the floor’ in AeroAcademy’s apprentice workshop.

National Apprenticship Week

Mark started his career at Marshall as an apprentice in 1984, having been inspired to go into engineering by the skills he learnt at school – particularly technical drawing. He completed the apprenticeship in 1988, followed by a degree at the University of Hertfordshire in 1995. After 30 years at Marshall ADG, in a variety of roles, Mark became Engineering Director in 2014.
Mark arrived at AeroAcademy on Wednesday 8 March – kitted out in overalls and safety boots. He was welcomed by Keirron Mascall, Training Instructor. The two first met 31 years ago when Mark started his training in the workshop.  Mark set to work on the slot and curve, the first exercise all Engineering Apprentices begin on. The skills he first learnt all those years ago soon came flooding back and Mark finished the piece in just over an hour.
Mark then spent time with the 1st year apprentices chatting to each of them and hearing about their reasons for deciding to be an apprentice at Marshall.
He told us about the experience, “It was great to go back, revisit some old memories and resurrect some skills. The best part was meeting some really great apprentices and sharing some of my stories, as well as listening to their experiences so far. It was fantastic to see how far they had come in a short period of time. They’ve learnt skills they will never forget and be ready for their next steps in the broader Marshall community. I am sure they will have great fun and have brilliant careers in the future. I plan to go and have a cup of coffee with them in the next few weeks and get to know them even more.”
 National Apprenticeship Week

Thank you Mark for spending time in the workshop, the AeroAcademy instructors were impressed with your level of skill, even after all these years!